SBA Programs

For existing companies, SBA lending can be very useful. Any owner of 5% or more will have to guarantee the loan.  All owners must have good credit to qualify.  The SBA offers the following programs:

– 7(a) Business Loans: This is the SBA’s primary loan program and can loan up to $2 million.  Fees start at 2% and increase based on the loan amount.

– SBA Express Loans: This type of loan is provided by the individual lender up to a max of $350K.

– Community Express: This is a pilot program used for working capital and can be up to $250K.

– 504 Loan Program: This program uses fixed, long-term financing to finance fixed assets.  The money can be used for equipment, machinery, land, buildings
or any other physical asset.  The max loan is $1.5M.

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